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River cruising is currently in the middle of a boom and there has never been a better time to make your way down the rivers of Asia, Europe or South America. The CLIA (Cruise Line Industry Association) predicts that by 2022 a further 44 river ships will be available to enjoy across these major destinations.

One of the biggest advantages of river cruising is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within your destination. Instead of spending days upon the open ocean, you are never devoid of scenery as you wind down a river. For example, The Rhine Gorge is a 65km stretch of river in Germany which snakes its way through vineyards, historic towns and mountaintop castles.

Cruisers can settle into a deck chair and enjoy a cold drink as the beauty of the Middle Rhine passes by them.  The awe-inspiring scenery and opportunity to enjoy flexible shore excursions make this the most popular river cruising destination.

There is so much on offer with river cruising and it should not be dismissed as simply leisure trips. The Gambia River in West Africa and the Chobe River in Namibia and Botswana offer up-close encounters with giraffes, hippos and other wildlife along their mystic floodplains. Or head down the Amazon, the river winds through a range of South American countries and see banks lined with monkeys and rivers filled with pink dolphins and piranha.

The ability to berth right in the centre of town means less time in transit and more time enjoying the sites, such as Xian’s Terracotta Warriors on a cruise upon China’s rivers. Ocean liners can carry thousands of passengers making it slightly time-consuming getting on and off at ports. However, with river cruises, you can enjoy a far more seamless experience with usually 100-200 passengers onboard. Meaning you can step right off your boat into the heart of a town amidst local activities and events.