Cruising within Australia?

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Domestic Cruising in Australia


Stay Protected

A common misconception with domestic cruising in Australia is that there is no need to take out insurance as you will be covered by private health insurance and Medicare. Unfortunately, when cruising in Australia, it is considered International Waters, and not covered by Australian heath schemes or insurances.

The simple fact is that no matter where you are cruising, adequate insurance is a necessity if you want to stay protected from unforeseeable circumstances.

Please Remember:

  • Take out adequate insurance
  • Know the safety points on the ship
  • Have someone on land know your expected docking times

Consider the Following that Could Happen:

  • Missing your port cover due to bad weather or timetable restrictions
  • Need to cover any medical expenses both onboard and onshore
  • Get sick and need to stay confined to your cabin
  • What if there is an emergency and you need to depart the ship?
  • Lost or stolen Luggage

Making sure that you are adequately covered with the right insurance could save you thousands. Remember – if you can’t afford cruise insurance, you can’t afford to go on a cruise.