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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean began in 1969 and caters to a large demographic since the 1990s, it has been renowned for its constant innovation of onboard entertainment. There is literally something for everyone aboard the Royal Caribbean ships and they offer year-round cruises from Australia to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, the Pacific, South America and the Middle East.

Are Royal Caribbean Cruises for me?

Rock climbing, water slides, surfing on deck, ice skating, legitimate broadway musicals and at times 5,400 other passengers is a good indication of the type of experience Royal Caribbean Cruises offers. Passengers age from their 20s through to their 60s, all walks of life, mainly couples but also some singles and in particular a LOT of children.

If you are looking to enjoy a wide range of experiences between port stops and consider yourself a social individual then Royal Caribbean is the cruise line for you. Royal Caribbean also offer shorter party orientated 3 – 4 night cruises that are favoured by younger crowds.

The Royal Caribbean Fleet

Within the Royal Caribbean’s 22 ship fleet are ten of the largest cruise ships ever built. However, despite the size, the fleet is known for its innovation in ship architecture such as being the first to introduce a split superstructure. This innovation splits the top 8 decks lengthwise to create deep open-air canyons similar to a shopping mall.

These canyons allow for an influx of natural light and include open-air gardens and boardwalk like entertainment zones.

The Oasis of the Seas sits within the double-super-duper-megaship class (yes, that is a real class) and is the largest cruise ship ever built. The liner includes the largest kids’ area at sea, a ‘Central Park’ and it is split into 7 neighbourhoods, serviced by 2,394 staff.

Activities and Attractions

There is no shortage of activities on board and we would struggle to list them all off here. Royal Caribbean prides itself on providing unique and innovative onboard experiences, so expect the unexpected.

  • Broadway musical Hairspray
  • Casino
  • Bustling nightlife
  • Dodgem cars
  • RipCord skydiving

Get Insured Before you Cruise

It’s important to get travel insurance, as soon as you put down deposits or pay for your cruise, up to 12 months in advance. Travel insurance doesn’t cost any more if you purchase it earlier, but it does cover you for any cancellations or if you injure yourself prior to your holiday and it inhibits you from going (e.g. breaking your leg prior to a big family cruise).