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P&O Australia

P&O Australia was established in 1932 and became the first company to operate passenger trips to Australia. It is a popular, budget, family-friendly cruise line well known for its engaging and informal atmosphere and impressive kids club facilities and services.

It features a variety of free and speciality (paid) dining and entertainment options – everything you need for a well-rounded, affordable cruise. The cruise sails to destinations around Australia, Asia, the Pacific including Papua New Guinea.

Are P&O cruises for me?

The demographic onboard P&O Cruises is quite young with the average onboard age being around 42, 49% of passengers are aged between 30-59 and 30.1% are aged 0-29. P&O is a modern cruise experience and this is reflected in its appeal to people of all ages.

P&O offers a range of short cruises out of Australia which cater to individuals who are unable to commit to weeks on the water and perhaps just want a weekend getaway.

The Fleet

P&O has five ships that leave from eight home ports around Australia, New Zealand and Australia. The fleet is quite modern and whilst they are unable to compete with the major lines for innovation they still provide a comfortable cruising experience.

A new purpose-built ship for the Australasian market will launch in 2019 and will be the largest ever full time cruiser based in the region.

Currently, the largest P&O ship is the Pacific Explorer which is also the newest ships and entered the market in June 2017. The ship emulates modern Australian style and has some unique features such as rooftop barefoot bowls, zip lining and rock climbing.

Activities and Attractions

One of the popular attractions that P&O offer are ‘event’ cruises which help celebrate some of Australia’s favourite events such as an Australia Day cruise, Melbourne Cup cruise and Tasmania’s Dark Mofo festival cruise. Other activities include

  • Waterslides
  • Day club with DJ
  • Group babysitting until 1 am
  • Edge Experience packages
  • Waterslides

Get Travel Cover Before you Leave for your Cruise

It’s important to get travel insurance, as soon as you put down deposits or pay for your cruise, up to 12 months in advance. Travel insurance doesn’t cost any more if you purchase it earlier, but it does cover you for any cancellations or if you injure yourself prior to your holiday and it inhibits you from going (e.g. breaking your leg prior to a big family cruise).