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Holland America

Holland America is one of the oldest cruise lines established in 1873. Well known for its service, fine dining and its relaxing yet refined atmosphere. Holland America sails to all major destinations including The Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and South America.

Is Holland America for me?

Holland America offer an entertainment and onboard experience that could be described as low key and is the cruise line of choice for those seeking a relaxing getaway on the high seas without the adrenaline rush on offer on more family or single-centric cruises. Cruises cater to an older crowd with an average age between 50 and 70, although recent changes have seen an influx of younger passengers with 25% now aged under 55.

Only around 40 single travellers tend to be aboard each trip with the majority made up of elderly couples with some young families beginning to enter the mix.

Holland America’s Fleet

The fleet is relatively modern and consists of 14 ships, four of which were built before 2000. Until recently Holland America’s fleet could have been described as midsize, although the new additions of the Eurodam and Vista-class megaships have seen the company enter the supersize market.

Holland America recently announced the launch of their newest ship the Nieuw Statendam which will arrive on the high seas in December 2018. The new cruise liner will incorporate modern elements such as USB ports on besides with 21st-century elegance.

Activities and Attractions

The activities and attractions on offer are suited to the older crowd that frequents the Holland America cruises and includes.

  • Photography classes
  • Vegas style shows
  • Recent release movies
  • Bingo
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Gala Nights
  • Cooking and Art centres
  • Golf tournament

Get Cover Before you Cruise

It’s important to get travel insurance, as soon as you put down deposits or pay for your cruise, up to 12 months in advance. Travel insurance doesn’t cost any more if you purchase it earlier, but it does cover you for any cancellations or if you injure yourself prior to your holiday and it inhibits you from going (e.g. breaking your leg prior to a big family cruise).