Cruising the Seven Seas

Cunard Cruise Lines

Cunard was formed in 1840, a British company that remains one of the most respected liners in the industry. The cruises provide an experience focused around relaxation, whilst accompanied by highly trained service staff who provide a premium service at a premium price.

Cunard sails to The Caribbean, New England/Canada, Europe, Africa, The Pacific, Asia and South America (World Cruise). Cruises leaving from Sydney often leave to New Zealand, Pacific Islands and San Francisco.

Are Cunard Cruise Lines for me?

Think sunsets on deck and fine dining rather than a hot tub and umbrella drink set. Passengers on Cunard are generally well-travelled individuals ages in their 50s and up. During the summer and holiday periods, Cunard tends to receive more families and its international reputation usually means a diverse passenger population.

Although there are rarely more than 250 children on board (compared to 800-1200 on similarly sized liners). Cunard is known for its high-quality dining which is included in their extensive all-inclusive pay packages (be sure to check out the Todd English restaurant).  Set dining hours and a somewhat stringent dress code may be something to consider for some passengers.

Cunard’s Fleet

Cunard has three ships, the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria. There are a variety of rooms all with ensuite and the ships are relatively all being built post-2004.

Queen Elizabeth is Cunard’s newest liner and the second biggest ever built. It holds 2,092 passengers and whilst it provides its passengers with a chance to step back into the hey-day of cruising it also has a range of modern features. A state of the art computer centre, relaxing whirlpool and evening karaoke are all new additions to the traditional activity offerings.

Activities and Attractions

As expected Cunard provides a more classical set of activities and attractions than its competitors, choosing to concentrate on learning experience and the arts.

  • Cunard Insights – lecture program (including celebrities, historians, authors etc.)
  • Library and extensive bookshop
  • A theatre featuring cast members from Britain’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  • Queen’s Ballroom
  • Kids program staffed by certified British nannies

More Cruise Information

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Get Insured Before you Cruise

It’s important to get travel insurance, as soon as you put down deposits or pay for your cruise, up to 12 months in advance. Travel insurance doesn’t cost any more if you purchase it earlier, but it does cover you for any cancellations or if you injure yourself prior to your holiday and it inhibits you from going (e.g. breaking your leg prior to a big family cruise).