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Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruises falls under the same parent company as the Royal Caribbean and was established in 1989. The line prides itself on being the most stylish in the industry, each ship is fitted with a glamorous décor and guests are sure to be treated to above average service onboard.

The line heads to all major destinations, Australia, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, the Pacific, and South America.

Are Celebrity Cruises for me?

Celebrity is priced similarly to its sister line Royal Caribbean (RC) however it departs from the family-centric approach of the RC. The relatively low cost of the liner means there is a wide demographic of passengers, a majority of which are couples aged over 35 who are looking for a more stylish form of cruising.

The atmosphere onboard is fun yet refined with activities being described as “palate-pleasing, intellectually enriching and life-enhancing”. Celebrity cruises are the choice of couples, seniors and groups although some families do enjoy the line during the holidays. Dress code is casual during the day with guests free to enjoy formal black-tie evenings at their discretion.

Celebrity Cruises Fleet

The fleet consists of 10 ships which are priced in tiers, each ship offers a sleek modern design and is decorated with renowned art collections. The décor ship wide is what attracts many of its customers who wish to enjoy a trendier cruising experience. The spa and wellness centres are well known to be the most attractive at sea.

Celebrities premiership is the Reflection, built in 2012, the midsized ship invites up to 3046 guests to enjoy 5-star service, comfort and dining. 90% of staterooms include their own private balcony and all rooms meet the 5-star standard of being able to order food and drink to your room at no extra cost.

Attractions and Activities

One of the main attractions is the expansive lawns that litter the roof of many of the Celebrity ships. These include various restaurants and bars as well as cabana areas for relaxing known as The Alcoves.

  • Art Classes
  • Spas
  • Broadway styled shows
  • Expansive fitness areas
  • Lectures

Get Insured Before you Cruise

It’s important to get travel insurance, as soon as you put down deposits or pay for your cruise, up to 12 months in advance. Travel insurance doesn’t cost any more if you purchase it earlier, but it does cover you for any cancellations or if you injure yourself prior to your holiday and it inhibits you from going (e.g. breaking your leg prior to a big family cruise).